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Reflare leads the competition

Reflare is the only cyber security training platform that minimises the risk of a cyber security breach by providing tailored, engaging remote programs that ensure compliance and infosec best practice.

No more static training content with multiple-choice questions or expensive in-room training.

Eliminate in-house servers or ongoing maintenance costs to deliver the hands-on training that increases the security capabilities of your developers and administrators.

Reduce the cost of keeping your workforce-wide IT security awareness initiatives up-to-date and relevant with real-time content supplementation, supported by AI powered text-to-speech technology.

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Why businesses use us

We're the only IT security training platform designed for easy use by technical and not-so-technical staff. Scalability is effortless, customisation is painless, and the simplicity of tracking trainee performance keeps training managers working faster with higher impact and greater efficiency.

“A solution that so easily combines learning materials with hands on experience of the training topic. Like no other product on the market!”
Branimir Pacar - CEO. Dot.Bit

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How it works

Unlike traditional remote training programs that provide static content and multiple-choice questioning, or expensive in-room training, Reflare training provides cost-effective remote learning programs that ensure compliance while increasing your organisation’s cyber resilience.

Meet compliance standards

Align your training activities with industry compliance requirements and standards such as PCIDSS, NIST and CJIS.

Explore the Reflare training that best meet your needs.

Reflare Certified Secure


  • Meet the compliance needs of your non-tech staff
  • Modular Design: Train only for what you need or deliver full compliance programs
  • Customise contents and narration in seconds
  • Scale to hundreds of thousands of employees
  • Meets NIST 800-50 and CJIS training
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Reflare Certified Secure

Developer & Administrator

  • Provide hands-on training at scale to your
    technical staff
  • Custom Virtual Machines for every trainee
  • Real world vulnerabilities and fixes
  • No ongoing maintenance or server costs
  • Compliant with PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 training requirements
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Why Users Love Us

Employee adoption is the key to meaningful IT security training – and we develop products they prefer to use.

Our effortless interface allows developers, administrators and non-tech employees to adopt the right security knowledge that turns on-demand training into on-the-job action.

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