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We help customers increase cyber resilience with the #1 hands-on IT security training platform.

Our tech and non-tech training programs evolve your staff’s capabilities, meet your compliance requirements and help develop more secure technologies.

Who we are

We believe that your technology is only as secure as the people who use it. Our purpose is to increase cyber resilience in the users of your systems and networks to credibly defend against attacks and data breaches. This is why we continue to advance IT security capability development and compliance training for some of the most critical organisations in society.

The hands-on requirements of our customers are at the centre of all Reflare products. Our front-end design puts user simplicity and practical functionality first. Our back-end design continuously evolves with the latest advances in technology and defence / attack trends. Combined with our state-of-the-art infrastructure, we deliver affordable, scalable, and impactful capability development that improves the security of our customers.

Founded in Berlin during 2009 and headquartered in Tokyo with operations in London and New York City, Reflare is a 100% founder owned organisation with team members, distributors and customers spanning the globe.

We believe our IT security training programs are the best in the market, and our customers agree. We would love to show you why.

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