RCSA Curriculum

(Reflare Certified Secure Administrator)

IT Security Training for Administrators

Secure server management with live challenges in the cloud.

After every practical video lesson, trainees must complete the demonstrated attack or defence technique in a live VM environment to advance.

No final exams, tedious cramming or multiple-choice questions. Just effective study and real-world experience in writing more secure code. 


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Advantages & Benefits

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    Runs in the cloud

    All of the lessons and challenges run entirely on Amazon's AWS infrastructure. This means we can scale to any number of users and you don't need to install any software.

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    Real world skills

    We know that you can only maintain secure servers if you understand how weaknesses are abused. RCSA teaches trainees both the practical attack and defence skills needed to improve the quality of their work.

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    Per user licensing

    You pay per trainee per training. No hidden fees or yearly costs for content updates. You decide if and when you want to retrain one of your developers.

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    Anyplace, Anytime

    Allow your users to train at a time that suits them. On site, on the road or at home, all that is required is an internet connection in a modern HTML5 browser.

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    Track Progress

    Add your trainee, set your completion date, and leave the rest to us. We take care of trainee commencement, tracking and deadline reminders. Your easy-to-use admin interface allows you to track group and individual developers' progress.

RCSA Lessons for Administrators
Lesson 1: Introduction & How-To
Lesson 2: Understanding how attackers think
Lesson 3: Minimising Surface - Managing Ports
Lesson 4: Minimising Surface - Limiting Access
Lesson 5: Minimising Surface - Version Management
Lesson 6: Minimising Surface - Enforcing Secure Passwords
Lesson 7: Minimising Surface - Locking down SSH
Lesson 8: Minimising Surface - Unencrypted Services
Lesson 9: Incident Response - Preparations
Lesson 10: Incident Response - Detection
Lesson 11: Incident Response - Analysis
Lesson 12: Incident Response - Containment
Lesson 13: Incident Response - Eradication
Lesson 14: Incident Response - Recovery
Lesson 15: Summary & Closing Thoughts
Minimum time commitment to complete RCSA training: 3 hours 20 minutes.

For training developers, explore Reflare’s Developer (RCSD) program. Individual IT security
awareness modules and a range of compliance training bundles are also available for non-tech Employees (RCSE).

“A solution that so easily combines learning materials with hands on experience of the training topic. Like no other product on the market.”

Branimir Pacar - CEO.

Dot.Bit Information Security Services

Another Proud Reflare Certified Secure Administrator

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