Smarter Staff.
Stronger Tech.

Your technology is only as secure
as the people who use it.

With Reflare IT security training,
evolve the capabilities of tech and non-tech employees
to improve the cyber resilience of your organisation.


Free Work-From-Home Training

Meet RCSE (Reflare Certified Secured Employee), a customizable security training program for non-tech employees across the enterprise.

Select the IT security modules that are most relevant for upskilling your staff. Supplement our curriculum with content specific to your organization.

Meet and exceed your compliance requirements with training that reduces employee-enabled security breaches.


For Individuals

Certificate Included

After completion, you will receive a certificate that you can
link to, download, print or add to your LinkedIn profile.

No Tracking

Do we collect any of your data?

No, we don't. Really.

We want people to be able to work securely from home during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Tracking is disabled on all of the free modules. No signup or email address is required. The data for your certificate is encoded into the link itself. We don't even keep your name on record.

You are welcome to sign up for our weekly briefings or request a call from sales, but those actions have to be performed by you and are 100% optional.

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For Businesses

Admin Dashboard

Track the progress of your staff through the free training to make sure everyone is up to speed and fully trained.

Customise Instantly

Make the training relevant to your staff by adding contents and voiceovers with a single click.

Changes are instant. Voiceovers are automatic.

Your employees are much more likely to retain information that applies to their daily workflows.

Add phone numbers of emergency response teams. Insert your own policies. Add screenshots of your own systems. All at no cost.

You are welcome to sign up for our weekly briefings or request a call from sales, but those actions have to be performed by you and are 100% optional.

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(You can also tell all of your staff members to use the individual training and collect the certificates manually.)

Advantages & Benefits

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    Runs in the cloud

    All of the lessons and challenges run entirely on Amazon's AWS infrastructure. This means we can scale to any number of users and you don't need to install any software.

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    Add your company's specifics to our pre-built modules to achieve in-house content quality at pre-built cost.

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    Anyplace, Anytime

    Allow your employees to train during trips or at home. All that is required is an internet connection and modern browser.

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    Track Progress

    Add a user, set a deadline and if the training should be repeated, and leave the rest to us.

    We take care of reminding users of their deadline, supporting their progress and giving you an easy-to-use admin interface from where you can track your employees' progress.

Core Block for Enterprise-Wide Employees
Module 001: Security Awareness Essentials
Module 002: Business Ethics & Security
Module 003: Secure Passwords
Module 004: Phishing
Module 005: Ransomware
Module 006: Secure Web Browsing
Module 007: Social Media Posts
Module 008: Secure Social Networking
Module 009: Insider Threat
Module 010: Protecting Information at Office
Module 011: Working Securely in Public Places
Module 012: Securing Work at Home
Module 013: Individual Responsibility
Additional modules are added in regular intervals