Protect yourself and your customers when acquiring, processing, and managing cardholder and transaction data.

Reflare’s strategic alliance with Dot.Bit delivers cost-effective PCI PIN solutions for your technologies and teams. Our integrated training and audit offering helps you achieve your compliance requirements.

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PIN Security Providers

The PCI PIN Security Standard applies to acquirers, their agents, and others who manage or handle PIN data, including those responsible for key management protecting PINs in payment transactions.

It is specifically designed for securing the management, processing, and transmission of PIN data at ATMs, POS terminals, and attended payment points.


Transaction safety

PCI PIN represents a baseline of technical and operational requirements designed to protect cardholder data and is maintained by PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC).

Achieving compliance ensures the security of your systems, building customer trust in your handling of their sensitive payment card data. By remaining compliant, you contribute to a collective, worldwide effort to prevent payment card data breaches.


Secure Payment Transactions

PCI PIN compliance helps reduce card-not-present payment fraud and assures security to payment service providers.

The objectives of the standard are to identify the minimum security requirements for PIN-based interchange transactions, outline the minimum acceptable requirements for securing PINs and encryption keys, and assist all retail electronic payment system parts.


Validation Requirements

Organised into seven main sections known as 'Control Objectives,' the standard outlines specific requirements under each objective.

These are designed for all acquiring institutions and agents, including transaction processors, key-injection facilities, and certification and registration authorities, who handle PIN transaction processing for accounts within the payment card industry.

Depending on their activities, entities might need to meet various requirements across multiple sections. Moreover, the PCI PIN standard should be implemented alongside other industry-specific security standards.

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PCI PIN Compliance Certification for PIN Data and Key Management

Process Steps
Compliance Evaluation
Define your compliance and validation requirements for the current PCI PIN Security Standard.
Assessment Preparation
Identify locations, processes, procedures, personnel, and equipment that need to be reviewed, and ensure that it is factored into the overall timeline for the assessment.
Brand Engagement
Engage with the payment brands to ensure all aspects of your business are covered.
Plan Development
Build an overall assessment plan and prepare you for the assessment.
Onsite Evaluation
Conduct an onsite assessment.
Compliance Reporting
Report and notify the payment brands of your compliance status.
The standard can be quite detailed with technical, organisational, and business requirements, which can raise questions and misinterpretations. We partner with you to remove PCI PIN ambiguity to help you become more secure and achieve compliance.