RCSE (Reflare Certified Secure Employee)

A customisable security training program for non-tech employees across the workforce. Select the most relevant modules for upskilling your users, and easily supplement our curriculum with content specific to your organisation.

Achieve IT security awareness compliance with training that reduces employee-enabled security breaches and data leaks. 

Flexible Design

Pay one annual fee for each trainee to unlock full access to the comprehensive range of RCSE awareness training modules.

Consider using compliance bundles to implement comprehensive solutions for specific regulatory needs, or you may opt for individual modules to craft a tailored curriculum.

Use more progressive modules to expand your employees' knowledge base and your organisation's cyber-sophistication.


Personalise With Ease

You can supplement any RCSE module with your content. Add company-specific material, include your own messaging, and customise the audio narration in seconds. Roll out enterprise-wide changes instantaneously.

No hidden fees or yearly costs for content updates. Leverage Reflare's modules and AI-enabled delivery to achieve in-house program quality at a pre-build cost.


Runs in the Cloud

You don't need to install anything. All lessons and challenges run entirely on Reflare's cloud infrastructure.

This means you can scale to any number of trainees without the concern of ongoing maintenance costs, client-side infrastructure, plug-ins or applications.

If you wish to run RCSE locally on your own LMS, we can offer SCORM-compliant modules.


Pain Free Launch

Add your trainees, set your completion dates, and leave the rest to us.

Your employees can take the training at a time that best suits their workflow. Whether on-site, travelling, or remote, the deployment and the completion of RCSE modules only require an internet connection and a web browser.

Go Live

Track Progress

We take care of trainee commencement, tracking and deadline reminders.

Your easy-to-use admin interface allows you to track the progress of group and individual developers, onboard new team members, pull performance reports, and access completion certificates for compliance audits, all at the click of a button.

Reflare Certified Secure Employee

Select, customise, and launch awareness training in seconds

Reflare Certified Secure Employee (RCSE)
Module 001
Security Awareness Essentials
Module 002
Business Ethics and Security
Module 003
Secure Passwords
Module 004
Module 005
Module 006
Secure Web Browsing
Module 007
Social Media Posts
Module 008
Secure Social Networking
Module 009
Insider Threats
Module 010
Protecting Information at the Office
Module 011
Working Securely in Public Places
Module 012
Securing Work at Home
Module 013
Individual Responsibility
Module 014
Access Minimisation
Module 015
Confidential Information Handling
Module 016
Data Backup
Module 017
Physical Data Risks
Module 018
Property Transfer
Module 019
Social Engineering
Module 020
CJIS Service Systems
Module 021
Network Protection Measures
Average time commitment to complete one RCSE module: 7 minutes.