The NASA Hack and Areas of Expertise

This is not the first time NASA has been a victim of a cyber-attack. However, this response seems to suggest that the agency is facing a number of compromised systems, but offers no further insights into the incident. First Published 21st December 2018 "That's one small click for man. …

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Australia, Cryptography and the Dangers of Analogies

The new law is a sizeable step forward for the Australian government on its long-standing quest to undermine encryption, forcing individuals and organisations into weakening their systems to comply. First Published 14th December 2018 The world is watching Australia closely. 4 min read …

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Global 4G Outages Caused by Ericsson Backend

Users across the world almost simultaneously started receiving messages that they had trouble connecting to mobile networks on their phones, proving that even the largest carriers are still susceptible to failures in their core network. First Published 7th December 2018 Ring ring? 4 m …

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