Australian Parties Hacked - Pass the Blame

Australia has been gripped by a series of cyber-attacks. As the accusations fly in light of the most recent breach, there is one blindingly obvious thing missing from the blame game - evidence. First Published 25th February 2019 Australia's new National Centre for Cyber Security. 4 mi …

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Russia Envisions a More Closed Internet

Russian bill No. 571793-6, which is also called Доктрина демократического развития интернета (the Digital Economy National Program), or “ДНП” for short would increase the government’s ability "flick the switch." First Published 18th February 2019 The frameworks for geographically-base …

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Japan Intends to Preventively Hack Citizens' IoT Devices

The Japanese government is considering a proposal from the country’s leading IT firms to hack citizens’ IoT devices to improve the nation’s cyber-security. However, Japanese citizens have a constitutional right to privacy. First Published 1st February 2019 "Hi. I'm from the government …

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