Cathay Pacific and Reading Between the Lines of Breach Reports

Cathay Pacific Airways, a Hong Kong-based airline revealed that it was recently the victim of a cyber-attack that exposed the personal data of its users. "What are the details" you ask? Well, that's an interesting question. First Published 26th October 2018 Airlines are clearly a popu …

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Updates on Supply Chain Level Backdoors and Magecart

It appears that the supply chain level backdoor has been thought of as a viable business model for quite some time. And now people (and governments) are asking the pointy questions. First Published 12th October 2018 For a nostalgic feel, Supermicro's latest quantum prototype comes in …

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The Risk of Hardware Backdoors

If the Bloomberg report is true, this means that American companies aren’t the only victims of hardware tampering. This is a real threat that’s been growing for years, and multinational companies are at risk. First Published 8th October 2018 These aren't the droids you're looking for. …

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Facebook's 'View As' Breach

In extreme cases, an attacker could use this access to take over the accounts of the people they are spying on - read their private messages, post things on their behalf, and play havoc with their digital lives. First Published 1st October 2018 Access tokens - kinda important to get r …

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