What is Privacy, Really?

Privacy — or lack thereof — is a constant concern for many people. Is it such a big deal if some of my personal data is collected by an app developer? Maybe. But what if that app developer then went on to sell my biometric data to a government? First Published 23rd July 2019 Are we al …

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Talent Can't Keep Up with Security Demands

The recent high-profile mass hacks have brought the need for InfoSec talent to the forefront. However, it's proving difficult for companies to find the staff to keep up with their security requirements. First Published 16th July 2019 Tech talent burnout is real. So is the scarcity of …

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Ransomware is Still on the Rise

Ransomware remains one of the most popular cyber attack vectors. Given a choice between paying a hefty sum to recover valuable data or not paying and losing access forever, many victims end up choosing to pay. First Published 1st July 2019 In the moment, many feel like they have no ot …

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